Luis Villanueva, president and CEO of SOMOS Group, will be present during NATPE

SOMOS Distribution will be at NATPE 2022 offering new projects, various catalogs, and a Greek telenovela
05 de enero de 2022

SOMOS Distribution will be at NATPE Miami with a content offering that includes news, projects, telenovelas, series, humorous shorts, and finished productions, apart from its extensive catalog of various genres and for all audiences.

The offer is partly anchored in projects of SOMOS Productions, a company with successful products such as Hasta Que te Conocí, and more recently, Ginayei, a kids’ series licensed for exhibition around the world through Disney+, and which will be also featured at this event.

One of the projects that stands out is La Muerte del Rey, an adaptation of real events regarding the corruption of a powerful construction company, in which SOMOS Productions will be working with Imagia Films. This political drama develops in eight 50-minute episodes, with two seasons.

Sueños y Gloria (eight episodes and two seasons) is a project that will be developed by SOMOS Productions with the Dominican production company of Claudia Prida and Claudia Sofía Torres Prida. It features the career of famous Dominican baseball players who were able to reach the big leagues. It is a testimony of how will and perseverance are key to overcoming obstacles and abuses (including racism).

Amanda is also part of the package of SOMOS Production offerings at Natpe. It’s a 24-episode two-season children's series, which tells the story of a girl from a family of musicians who possess the best voice, but the worst motivation.

In addition, the company is also including the content of the French company NOVOCOMEDY, one of the largest global providers of non-verbal humorous shorts (20’’ on average). These include candid cameras, home videos, kids and animals in hilarious situations, magic acts, and bloopers of extreme sports.

SOMOS Distribution will be presenting at Natpe the Greek telenovela Sasmos (60 episodes), a story of revenge and love between two rival families in a mountain village in Crete. It is based on the novel of the same name by Petroulakis Spyros.

One of the strongest offers that the distribution company will take to Natpe is the RCTV telenovela catalog, which has proven the success of its titles in the international market and is available both as a finished product and as booklets. Among the series available are Mi Gorda Bella (178 episodes) and Piel Salvaje (120 episodes), among others.

Clients will have access to the company's general catalog, with successful movies, series, telenovela, and sports content; including also, those of

SOMOS Distribution will be welcoming its clients in the Tresor Tower, suites 1715 and 1717. They will be hosted by Luis Villanueva, president and CEO of SOMOS Group; Francisco Villanueva, COO of SOMOS Distribution; Mariana Villanueva, Sales Director of SOMOS Distribution and other executives of the different SOMOS Group companies.