El Paraíso de la Serpiente is directed by Bernardo Arellano

SOMOS Films’ El Paraíso de la Serpiente to participate in the Rome Film Festival

19 de septiembre de 2019

SOMOS Films, the film production company part of SOMOS Group, chaired by Luis Villanueva, announced the participation of its co-production El Paraíso de la Serpiente at the Rome Film Festival, the event that will be held from October 17 to 27 in that city.

Directed by Bernardo Arellano, El Paraíso de la Serpiente is a black and white film with colored scenes filmed in Mexico, the United States, and Italy. The plot happens in an abandoned community that lives in the desert.

A car accident in the middle of nowhere catches the attention of a young cowboy (Sky) and his grandfather (Bernardo). They rescued an injured man does not remember who he is or where he comes from, but after having a mystical vision in a cave, he begins to perform healing miracles in the town. He makes invalid people walk, blind people see and heals the plague. The town inhabitants call him The Prophet. However, the Priest of the community and the altar boy will oppose the stay of this “prophet” who will test their church and their concepts about faith.

Luis Villanueva, president, and CEO of SOMOS Films commented: “We are very proud that this co-production participates in an event as prestigious as the Rome Film Festival. Bernardo Arellano has done a wonderful job with this film and deserves all the possible recognition. El Paraíso de la Serpiente occupies a privileged place within our catalog.”

SOMOS Films’ catalog includes three finished movies (two already released in theaters) and three more in different stages of production.