Luis Villanueva, president, and CEO of SOMOS Group: FlixLatino on SOMOS Next grew their user base by more than 108% in a month

SOMOS Group: Entertainment has been tremendously revalued
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|04 de junio de 2020

For SOMOS Group, at an international level, the health crisis has generated the lesson of a series of abilities resulting from remote work and has summoned the best of the work ethics and productivity of its human team.

At an external level, “entertainment has been revalued tremendously, as the ratings of the pay-TV channels reveal (SOMOS TV), as well as the significant growth of the SVOD and the online applications: FlixLatino on SOMOS Next grew their user base by more than 108% in a month," highlights Luis Villanueva, president, and CEO of SOMOS Group. He adds that many clients are cautious, they can foresee the behavior of advertising activity or a slowing of the economy. "This affects content distribution activities, but here the strategy has been to ally with the client offering attractive programming at very good prices" he adds.

Villanueva feels that to go through this juncture, the best you can do is work, focus on the operations that "distract from how stressful the situation is". He mentioned that luckily, this is an industry that becomes more important in critical moments. "I think that creativity together with the available technology will help us overcome this".

According to the executive, there is no doubt that, in light of the situation, the industry is accumulating valuable experience. “There are options we have developed to be able to work amidst this environment which we had no idea existed, and our IT support has done wonders to enable the whole world to be linked and collaborate," he expressed.