Francisco Villanueva from SOMOS Distribution: We are at a very interesting moment with the success of Súbete a Mi Moto

SOMOS: Positioned as successful content providers 
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|19 de noviembre de 2020

“In times of pandemic, curiously, there is a good demand for contents given the circumstances that have affected production. We are taking to MIPCancun a good offer of episodic contents (Turkish dramas, telenovelas, and series), films, and other genres. This list includes the RCTV Internacional catalog, more than 40 titles such as El Malquerido; in addition to Maleducadas, Ginayei, and La Fuga,” detailed Francisco Villanueva, VP, and COO of SOMOS Distribution.

He added that they are at a very interesting moment with the success of Súbete a Mi Moto. He mentioned that they have confirmed their positioning as providers of successful content and as having good relations with clients, who "portend a good market".

When consulted on the balance of 2020, he highlighted that they have experienced a good year, given the circumstances. "The launch of Súbete a Mi Moto has catapulted us to a new level thanks to negotiations with platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and the success it has had. The start of the series on WAPA has been amazing, with winning ratings in all demographics. This is a success that helps us at an industry level, not only to boost new productions but to leverage the rest of the content, such as Turkish novels and new series. These are the foundations for 2021. 2020, even with its circumstances, has been a year with a good balance for SOMOS Distribution,” he explained.

Regarding online events, he said they would continue using them because they would offer greater opportunities to keep in touch with clients and promote their products, as well as to move forward in their negotiations. "It has been a positive experience for everyone and we will continue to use them, even after the pandemic," he ended.