Salvador Mejía and Carlos Moreno from Fénixx3, Mary Black and Luis Villanueva from Somos and Miguel Rosenfeld, also from Fénixx3

Somos Productions and Fénixx3 evaluate co-production of series Juegos Interrumpidos
24 de enero de 2019

Natpe served as a place of encounter for Somos Productions and Fénixx3 to agree to explore content production for TV opportunities, starting with the series Juegos Interrumpidos (10x60’).

Luis Villanueva and Mary Black, president and CEO and EVP of Somos Productions, respectively, met with Salvador Mejía, Miguel Rosenfeld and Carlos Moreno, from Fénixx3, to establish the grounds for a possible co-production based on the topic of children kidnapping for adoption, a problem that affects a great deal of families and plants deep emotional wounds.

Villanueva pointed out that he has positive expectations with this possibility. “Grupo Fénix, the same as Somos Productions, has had successful experiences in TV production. We are sure that a series co-produced with them will be a positive addition to our catalog."