Luis Villanueva, CEO of Somos

Somos Productions begins production of new series Vikki RPM for Nickelodeon
21 de abril de 2017

Nickelodeon Latin America announced the beginning of the production of its new youth series Vikki RPM —previously known as Fórmula A—, (60x60´), produced by Somos Productions, company owned by Luis Villanueva that continues adding productions and contents to its catalog. It will launch in the entire region in the third quarter of 2017.

Somos Productions has already produced for Nickelodeon the series 11 11 En Mi Cuadra Nada Cuadra (75x60´).

The series will be entirely made in Miami with Latin American talent, shot at the Viacom International Studios (VIS), Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Americas production center, and in the outskirts of the city. The story is a twist on Romeo and Juliet's because it is taken to the racetracks of Ciudad del Este, where the characters Max and Victoria compete and fall in love, despite the rivalry between their two families.

The cast is comprised by new and well-known figures like the Mexicans Samantha Siqueros (Along Came Love and Como Dice el Dicho), Maite Embil (¿Quién es Quién? and Voltea Para Que Te Enamores), Paulo Quevedo (Ruta 35 y Escándalos) and Stefano Ollivier, who has his TV debut with this series; the Venezuelans Scarlet Gruber (El Chema and Tierra de Reyes), Ángela Rincón (Grachi and Toni La Chef), Yul Burkel (Silvana Sin Lana) and Ana Karina Manco (La Mujer Perfecta); the Colombian Vanessa Blandon (Isa TKM, Chica Vampiro) and the Argentinean actor Saúl Lisazo (Señorita Pólvora), among others.

Vikki RPM is an original idea of Eduardo Jiménez-Pons written by Catharina Ledeboer and Rocio Lara.