Mary Black, executive producer of Somos Productions

Somos Productions: Producing for U.S. Hispanic, a positive experience
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|27 de junio de 2013

Somos Productions future projects in the U.S. Hispanic market include the production of formats for action, contests, and talk shows; all of which are currently in pilot stage, said to PRODU Mary Black, executive producer of Somos Productions. “There is an additional advantage in the Hispanic market, and that is its hemispheric nature. In other words, we can take advantage of Latin American economies and their cost structures. We can produce for the U.S. Hispanic market in a way that not only satisfies the U.S. content needs, but also allows for a regional distribution scheme,” said Black. She says the experience of Somos Productions working for U.S. Hispanic has been a positive one in the short time he company has been in the market. “There’s strong growing demand for Spanish-language productions at all levels, but it’s interesting to see greater interest in high-caliber productions and in shows that are intrinsically Hispanic. The demand trend is no longer one of producers trying to establish their foothold, but one of clients with different sensibilities. This change is significant and the direction is positive,” said Black. She spoke of the format Todos Somos Héroes, produced for Telemundo. “This format is part of our Sparks Networks catalog, which follows this trend of producing formats from new sources, specifically adapted for the U.S. Hispanic market,” added Black.