Luis Villanueva, president and CEO of SOMOS Group

SOMOS TV and SOMOS Next sign a three-year agreement with EGEDA
15 de abril de 2022

SOMOS TV and SOMOS Next signed a three-year agreement with EGEDA (Audiovisual Producers Rights Management Entity) for the coverage of the ninth (May 1, in Madrid), tenth and eleventh editions of the Platino Awards Gala of Ibero-American Cinema. The Platino Awards, after their first edition in April 2014 in Panama, have become the largest Ibero-American film festival and are consolidating as a major event for the international promotion of the best cinema produced in all Spanish-speaking countries during the year.

The agreement includes the transmission of the gala and red carpet, where cinema from Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries participate, both by the film channel, ViendoMovies of SOMOS TV, as well as by FlixLatino, the subscription on-demand cinema service of SOMOS Next.