Francisco Villanueva, COO of SOMOS Distribution

SOMOS: TV is very useful in these times
Miryana Márquez, Caracas|14 de abril de 2020

SOMOS Distribution is handling its sales agreements through the Internet and remotely, explained Francisco Villanueva, its COO.

“We have always worked with a combination of face to face and Internet, and are currently simply working with electronic communications. This is already part of our day today."

The executive mentioned they are focusing on their regular projects and those they consider appropriate for the current circumstances, in which you want to replace spaces on the grid that are taken by live programming or events.

“We offer products that have a proven appeal for attractive programming and that may be delivered on time. This offer is a selection of Turkish dramas and telenovelas" which, he clarified, may solve our needs for a certain time, while normalcy is recovered in the production of spaces.

“Undoubtedly, TV is very useful in these times when we must remain home and find things to do. It is also possible that some open TV channels might have a saturation of news on the current circumstances, that would be adjusted with more time available for entertainment and at the same time, this would increase the appeal of Internet platforms as a source of entertainment, with a need for more content," he ended.