Part of the cast: Fabiola Guajardo (Vanessa), Carlos Ferro (Alejandro), Estefania Villarreal (Delia) and Marimar Vega (Frida)

Sony’s dramedy series Ligeramente Diva kicks off production in Colombia
25 de mayo de 2022

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Latin America announced that production is underway for Ligeramente Diva. The sixty-episode series, which is a contemporary adaptation of the hit series Drop Dead Diva created by Josh Berman, was unveiled during the LA Screenings 2022. Principal photography commenced last month in Colombia and will continue in Bogota as well as Mexico.

Ligeramente Diva follows the story of Vanesa Segura, a young influencer in beauty tutorials, who dies in a confusing traffic accident. After a brief stint in the "Hereafter" she returns to the Earth but in the body of lawyer Delia Delgado, the involuntary cause of the accident. Vanesa has a second chance to live and be close to the love of her life, also a lawyer: Alejandro Díaz del Castillo, a brand-new acquisition of the law firm where Delia works. This second opportunity for Vanesa poses several challenges: living Delia's life in her non-hegemonic body, trying to no longer be a "Zero-Zero" person (someone without bad or good actions), and, above all, getting Alejandro to see the real "Vanesa" that is inside Delia to make him fall in love with her again.

“We are excited to take this universally relatable story and update it for our times. Ligeramente Diva is a great love story that starts with the most important relationship you can have, that with yourself. We can’t wait for viewers to see this fantastic cast bring it to life,” said Ana Bond, SVP and managing director of International Production, SPT Latin America.

Ligeramente Diva’s adaptation was made by Marcela Guerty (Elsa y Fred, Señores Papis) and Cecilia Gherty (Señores Papis). The series is produced by Leonardo Olarte (De Brutas Nada) and directed by Luis Manzo (Betty en NY, Los Ricos También Lloran, Si Nos Dejan) and Carlos Mario Urrea (La Reina del Sur). The cast is comprised of Estefanía Villareal (Rebelde, Camelia La Texana), Carlos Ferro, (Mi Marido Tiene Familia, La Boda de Mi Mejor Amigo), Marimar Vega (El Juego de las Llaves), Fabiola Guajardo (Los Ricos También Lloran, Buscando a Frida), Roberto Mateos (El Dragón), Mauricio Garza (Betty en NY, El Señor de los Cielos), and Danielle Arciniegas (Loquito por Ti).

The production, which is filming in Colombia, received the CINA incentive (Audiovisual Investment Certificate), granted by the Colombian Government and administered by Proimágenes: a tax discount equivalent to 35% of the expenditure on audiovisual services in the country.