Carolina Leconte, Creative VP at Sony Pictures Entertainment Mexico

Sony Pictures Entertainment Mexico: We seek the perfect content for each screen

Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|23 de junio de 2017

Carolina Leconte, Creative VP at Sony Pictures Entertainment Mexico, assures that the trend in bio series is forking and extraordinary stories about ordinary people, based on facts, are leading the path. And even though she can´t assert exactly what is coming next, she explains that in Sony they are making an effort to find authentic and bold contents for each platform.

“We are not seeking contents to place them, we are looking for the perfect content for each screen and this has been the biggest challenge. We are not after what supposedly works, but instead broadening our spectrum to be able to go one step further and build trends,” she pointed out.

In her position, Leconte has the responsibility of finding concepts and proposals to develop TV series, involving creative, casting and art processes: “It seems easy, but it is to manage to reflect what you dreamed.” The executive is about to celebrate four years in her position, and from producing one series a year they went to six. She mentioned that they are currently developing 60-episode series, short bioseries based on true events. What they all have in common is that the stories are innovative.

Regarding the Mexican market, she expressed that it is very dynamic, with a lot to be done and stories to tell. In her opinion, they are also changing very fast, so it is necessary to be on guard for the demands of this transformation. The digital aspect is key and must go hand in hand with TV, as a support, not a substitute.