Sony Pictures Television greenlights new teleseries Anónima to air on Colombia´s RCN TV
11 de enero de 2015

Sony Pictures Television announced that it will produce Anónima, a new original series about two very unlikely people forced to come together as a family and take on a life of crime under the shadow of anonymity. The 70-episode, one-hour teleseries will air on RCN Televisióin Colombia later this year and is being sold by Sony Pictures Television across the rest of Latin America, the U.S. Hispanic market, and around the globe. Sony Pictures Television has begun production on Anónima in Colombia, shooting the series completely on location in and around Bogotá. Anónima stars Verónica Orozco (A Corazón Abierto, Los Protegidos) as Victoria Cuartas; Julián Arango (Betty la Fea, El Cartel, Metástasis) as Ramiro Rocha; and Santiago Alarcón (El Man es Germán, La Viuda de la Mafia) as Maximiliano "Max" Velandia. The teleseries is written by Juan Andrés Granados, Juan Francisco Dominguez and Gerardo Pinzon, and directed by Andrés Bierman and Carlos Mario Urrea. Agustín Restrepo serves as executive producer. "There is tremendous opportunity in Latin America for high-quality local productions, which is why Sony Pictures Television is continuing to invest in teleseries like Anónima. We immediately fell for this unique story of survival, so we have self-commissioned the project to bring it to broadcasters as quickly as possible," says Angélica Guerra, senior vice president and managing director, Production, Latin America and U.S. Hispanic for Sony Pictures Television. "Sony Pictures Television continues to differentiate itself in this competitive TV market with a growing library of genre-defining teleseries. Anónima is a smart, fast-paced drama -the type of signature series that will appeal to audiences on a variety of platforms across the region and beyond," says Alexander Marín, senior vice president, Distribution, Latin America & U.S. Hispanic for Sony Pictures Television.