Nathalie Lubensky and Irving Plonskier of SPT Networks Latin America

Sony Pictures Television is committed to local production in Mexico
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|12 de septiembre de 2014

As part of Sony Pictures Television’s strategy to promote local content production, Nathalie Lubensky, SVP and general manager, told PRODU that the launch of the fifth season of Mexico's Next Top Model and the app, is the ideal opportunity to build a lasting relationship with the audience. “We’re not only adding more drama and more stories, but we’re also adding more interactivity through this app, which allows users to interface with the show and feel like they’re part of it. We want to build a strong and lasting relationship between the audience and the brand. We’re going a step further to generate audience loyalty towards our content,” said Lubensky. In regards to local content and the importance of the Mexican market to the channel, she said the company is already working on finding content in all formats. “Sony is committed to offering the audience the highest quality content from Hollywood, but it’s also committed to producing locally original content that is culturally relevant to our audience. We’re looking for projects and formats: drama, series, comedy and music, especially in Mexico, produced by Mexicans for Mexicans,” added Lubensky. The fifth season of Mexico's Next Top Model will premiere September 29th at 10pm.