María Fernanda Yepes is María Magdalena

Sony Pictures Television Latin America and Dopamine begin production of the epic series María Magdalena
30 de enero de 2018

Sony Pictures Television Latin America and Dopamine announced that production has begun on María Magdalena (60x60´) in Colombia.

The ambitious epic series about the iconic and mysterious biblical character it’s the first of its kind in Spanish, and it will be filmed in several cities throughout Colombia (La Guajira, Desierto de la Tatacoa, Villa de Leyva, Mosquera, Chia, Guatavita, Subacoche and Bogotá), as well as the cities of Ouarzazate and Merzouga in Morocco, which have served as the landscape of exceptional films such as Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator, among others.

The bio-drama features a stellar cast, led by María Fernanda Yepes (La Piloto, Rosario Tijeras) in the titular role of María Magdalena, Manolo Cardona (Narcos, 2091, El Cartel) as Jesús, and Andrés Parra (El Comandante, Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal) as Peter.

“I feel lucky that an important project like María Magdalena came my way, and even luckier to be able to shoot it in my country," comments Yepes. “It seems to me that Magdalena is somehow the representation of the modern woman, and this character comes at a key moment to join the celebration of women. We see them increasingly empowered, successful, breaking the rules imposed upon them, and that is the message I want to imprint on this character. I am very excited to start shooting and share scenes with Manolo, Andrés, and the entire cast, and to work with Sony once again, 10 years after the unforgettable Rosario Tijeras.”

It’s Mary Magdalene’s enigmatic figure that has been a point of curiosity and deep interest throughout history precisely because so little is known about her. Audiences would like to know more about her historical role in religion and faith, as well as what makes her so relatable. María Magdalena’s impeccable production value is sure to entice viewers as well, highlighting stunning landscapes, costumes, and makeup that provide a cinematic feel to the series.

María Magdalena recreates the life of a passionate and independent woman, much different from the rest of her time – who grows up amidst what it meant to be a woman in a society dominated by men, and Jewish in a land run by the Romans. After experiencing atrocities at the hands of her husband and an affair with a Roman, María meets Jesús, who restores her faith in God and becomes one of his most important disciples.