Ana Bond, SPT: It gives me great pleasure to bring this original and unique story to our audiences

Sony Pictures Television Latin America begins production on Reputación Dudosa in Mexico
10 de septiembre de 2021

Production has begun on Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Latin America’s new series titled Reputación Dudosa for Claro video. The dark comedy’s seasons one and two are being filmed back-to-back in Mexico, each featuring 8 episodes. The series will air on Claro video in 2022.

“It gives me great pleasure to bring this original and unique story to our audiences,” said Ana Bond, SVP and MD, International Production, Latin America and US Hispanic, SPT. “It’s told from various points of view, including that of the deceased character, whose death is being investigated. It’s a high-quality production, and the team, directed by the talented Álvaro Curiel, is exceptional.”

The series tells the story of Luis Arturo “Luisar” López Alcalá, a millionaire in the pharmaceutical industry, who dies unexpectedly of a heart attack at a company charity event. Julia, the best detective in her unit, and Luisar’s lover is put in charge of the case. Luisar’s spirit accompanies Julia during her investigation, and she will soon discover that there are more secrets than she thought... the killer is closer than she expected.

Reputación Dudosa is directed by Álvaro Curiel (Somos) and Victor Herrera (El Señor de los Cielos). The cast features Marcus Ornellas (Monarca), Marcela Guirado (Selena), Veronica Langer (La Casa de las Flores), Claudia Álvarez (Vencer el Pasado), Luz Ramos (Súbete a mi Moto), Sara Corrales (Cita a Ciegas), and Ithaisa Machado (Enemigo Íntimo).

The series is written by Mara Pescio (Pequeña Victoria), Laura Barneix (Mi Hermano es un Clon), Jonathan Persan (Manual para Galanes), Ricardo Avilés, Linda Díaz, Flor Bastida, Néstor Hernández and executive produced by María Fernanda Bateman (Secretos del Paraíso), Jorge Sastoque (El Dragón: Return of a Warrior), Madeleine Contreras (De Brutas Nada) and, Alejo García.