Alexander Marín, EVP, Distribution & Networks, Latin America, SPT

Sony Pictures Television partners with RCN Televisión to produce and distribute Verdad Oculta
21 de mayo de 2019

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) and RCN, one of Colombia’s leading television networks, have announced today a production and distribution deal to produce a premium series titled Verdad Oculta based on the acclaimed novel by Germán Castro Caycedo, Una Verdad Oscura. Under the first-time agreement, RCN will produce the series and is also attached as a broadcaster. SPT will have global distribution rights outside of FTV Colombia.

“We are extremely excited to team up with RCN, a powerhouse of Colombian television, on this project. We hope this is the first of many more projects together as we continue to create and distribute premium content to our global audiences,” said Alexander Marín, EVP, Distribution & Networks, Latin America, SPT.

José Antonio de Brigard, president of RCN Televisión added: “The joint collaboration with SPT for the development of important content is a further step in the consolidation of RCN Televisión’s relevance as a world class content producer. Working with Alex Marin and his spectacular team is the main reason for the success of the important agreement.”

Verdad Oculta will consist of 80-100 hour-long episodes and tells the story of Colonel Diana Manrique, who, after taking down one of the biggest narcotraffickers, Don Mario, is looking forward to pausing her career as a police officer to salvage what is left of her marriage. Her boss, General Tapias, however, has a different plan in mind. He entrusts Manrique with one of the most important missions of her intelligence unit: dismantle the gangs that have entered a bloodthirsty war for control of the territory left in the wake of Don Mario’s capture. In her mission, Diana, will not only have to face the most dangerous criminals, but she will have to work together with her ex, a love that hasn´t been forgotten.