Alex Marín, International Distribution VP for Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada at Sony Pictures Television

Sony Pictures Television: We are proud to tell the story of Alejandra Guzmán
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|27 de abril de 2018

Sony Pictures Television started shooting La Guzmán in Mexico City, the series based on the life of the Mexican rock star, Alejandra Guzmán. The biopic will have 60 one-hour episodes, that will be available for broadcast in Autumn. The series will be aired in Mexico on Imagen TV.

“We are incredibly proud to announce the story of Alejandra Guzmán told by herself because she was a very important part of the production. For this series they continue with the strategy of investing in the production of content in Spanish in Mexico, Colombia, and different countries, as part of one our business' pillars, that are: feature films, American series --which we distribute worldwide-- and local production in Latin America," assured Alex Marín, International Distribution VP for Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.

The executive highlighted that, aside from Mexico, they are also in conversations for the distribution of La Guzmán in other territories: “Part of the art of this business is that when there is a relevant product, many people are interested in it. Our work is not only to produce a great story but to make sure the partner in each country is the appropriate one for it to be absolutely successful."

He stated that in Mexico they are producing and distributing La Boda De Mi Mejor Amigo and 50 First Dates, that are American films adapted to the local market. On Mexican TV, they are currently airing Tres Milagros, Escape and Enamorándonos, all very successful through Azteca.

Their development team, the stories they manage to find, the way they tell them, and the extent they have on their diverse platforms make Sony a great partner and producer, assures Marin. Some of the challenges in the Distribution area he mentioned were to assure that the different platforms have relevant content for their audience, and --beyond production values-- good stories that, in his opinion, are irreplaceable.