Anad Bond, Sony: This co-production has been made hand in hand with Claro video

Sony: Reputación Dudosa is a product like few we see in the market
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|06 de julio de 2022

The black comedy series, Reputación Dudosa (8x30’), an SPT and Claro video co-production, that premieres on the platform in the 16 Latin American countries -including Brazil, subtitled into Portuguese- where it is present, on Thursday, June 30, “is a product like few we see in the market” expressed Ana Bond, SVP and general director of International Production at SPT Latin America.

Bond participated, together with Roberto Rosales, CEO of Claro video; Álvaro Curiel, director; the writer Luis Fernández; the producer Jorge Sastoque and the series's main cast in a virtual press conference with Latin American media.

“This co-production has been made hand in hand with Claro video, from the idea and the concept to the last minute of the last episode. We have an amazing cast, starting with Marcus Ornellas, Verónica Langer, Grettel Valdez, Luz Ramos and Itahisa Machado. It is a product that is on par with those of other countries. It has nothing to envy others that have huge budgets” added Bond.

Rosales highlighted the strategic relationship they have with Sony. “Sony has been one of our strategic allies for the creation of high-quality content in the last few years. We continue with the commitment to deliver to users productions of high value and entertainment, as well as with the intention to continue growing our original catalog. The alliance with Sony has enabled us to have high-quality standards and we expect Reputación Dudosa will not be the exception” he said.