Zasha Robles of Spiral with the cast of Toda la Sangre and the directors Luis Prieto and Hari Sama

Spiral: Toda la Sangre connects us with the ancient culture of Mexico
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|13 de agosto de 2021

The main cast -Aarón Díaz, Ana Brenda Contreras, Yoshira Escárraga, Antonio Trejo Sánchez and Clementina Guadarrama- of Toda la Sangre(10x60 '), a co-production of Pantaya, Starzplay, Spiral International and Fremantle México, along with executive producer and showrunner, Zasha Robles of Spiral International, and the two directors of the series, Luis Prieto and Hari Sama, officially clapped the film slates during a virtual press conference.

Robles pointed out that the series, which will air on Pantaya in the US and Puerto Rico and Starzplay in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, will take 14 weeks to shoot in Mexico City. FremantleMedia has international distribution outside of the US and Latin America and will be responsible for all sales and sub-licenses in the rest of the world. The series is based on the third volume -Toda la Sangre- of the four books’ saga written by Bernardo Esquinca, who currently is working on a fifth volume.

The series is written by the head writer, Rodrigo Ordóñez (Esto no es Berlín) together with Santiago Rocagliolo, Natalia Mejía and Alejandro Gerber Bicecci. "This group of writers has been working very hard for the past 18 months to deliver a 10-episode story to us," Robles noted.

Robles explained that they were looking for a story that would connect them with Mexico, that avoiding issues of drug trafficking or violence, it will reach Mexicans hearts through their millenary culture and the demystification of the bloody Aztec world of human sacrifices. "Few have a 5,000-year history like Mexico," she pointed out.

Prieto, director of the first block of the series (from chapters 1 to 5), said that the series explores a visual and narrative language that had not been used in Mexico before. "It is a very nice trip that we are all enjoying," he said.

The entire team has filmed in the historic center of Mexico, which shows another face of the city, explained Sama, Mexican director responsible for the second block (from episode 6 to 10). “It deals a lot with the surface and the underworld of Mexico opens a dialogue of who we Mexicans are. It is a very joyous journey," he said.