Angélica Guerra and Joshua Mintz

SPT and TV Azteca announce second season of Rosario Tijeras

20 de enero de 2017

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) and TV Azteca confirmed a second season of the successful series Rosario Tijeras (60x60’). It will be made by Sony/Teleset. It is currently in the development stage and the shooting will start in the second semester.

“The success of the first season has been powerful. We are happy about how TV Azteca has treated the product. It has been impeccable and that has made the audience receive it in such an overwhelmingly positive way, which is why we want to develop the second and, hopefully, many more,” said Angélica Guerra.

“Angélica and her team are currently developing the series. The normal cycle takes between 12 and 14 months, but I want to stress that co-productions depend on the respect that both co-producers share, and in Azteca we are very respectful of Sony´s work,” added Joshua Mintz.