Rossiter: Embracing Latin American talent and diversity to work with the best local talent in the region to elevate our programming offerings

SPT: Continuing to build on Sony Pictures’ unique strength as the preeminent independent Hollywood studio in LatAm
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|19 de enero de 2022

To grow and invest in LatAm in areas such as IP and enriched Sony content; talent; and to continue consolidating as the leading independent studio in the region, are the main goals that Sony Pictures Television (SPT) have set for 2022.

"We're building strong content brands that appeal to multiple audiences and leveraging SPT's existing rich content library, which is becoming even more valuable over time," said John Rossiter, EVP of Distribution and Networks, Sony Pictures Television for Latin America.

He highlighted that they are embracing Latin American talent and diversity to work with the best of it locally to increase the programming offer.

“We will also continue to build on the unique strength of Sony Pictures as the independent Hollywood studio prevailing in Latin America. By being independent, we have the ability to serve all clients in all windows without restrictions,” Rossiter highlighted. They will also continue to leverage Sony Pictures' assets, in terms of talent and distribution channels, to support revenue growth and potential new lines of business.

Some of the titles that are being offered to the market this season are the drama, Monarch (11x60'; premieres on FOX USA on the 30th); A Very British Scandal (BBC, UK); with three episodes, which debuted on BBC December 26-28, 2021; the drama, Un Espía Entre Amigos (6x60’); the drama/anthology, Acusado (12x60’), and the drama, Magpie Murders (6x60’). Also, Rio Connection and Passport to Freedom, and in acquisitions, MalaYerba and Cómo Sobrevivir Soltero.

Rossiter highlighted the demand increase for SPT’s content in 2021. “Whether it was established franchises, news IPs, or original stories with local and international appeal. We have been able to reap the benefits of our strategy to support each line of business. and sell our strengths. Recent examples include worldwide blockbusters Spider-Man: No way Home and Venom: Let there be Carnage."