Ana Bond, Sony Pictures Television: We can get further together more than alone

SPT: This virus has leveled us all
Ríchard Izarra/Maribel Ramos-Weiner|21 de abril de 2020

The development of series, entertainment, scripted and non-scripted contents, is the current focus of Ana Bond, SVP and general director of International Production for Latin America and US Hispanic at Sony Pictures Television. Bond, who was on #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra, expressed that “this virus has leveled us all, it automatically generates a connection because we are all going through the same experience”.

She feels that in entertainment there is a very important opportunity when the pandemic is over. “I think we must have for our clients not only ambitious and big projects but projects that are easy to make, that once this is over, you can set them up faster, that have shorter pre-production and do not require as many people in one same place," she said. In this sense, they are exploring both scripted and non-scripted content. "Entertainment allows this to be done quicker, to have feasible options that are interesting for the challenge moment that is going to be the restart," she emphasized.

She recalled they had to suspend several productions, such as La Reina del Flow 2 in Colombia and Enamorándonos for TV Azteca in Mexico. De Brutas, Nada, luckily, had already been produced and is currently in post-production in Colombia. She added that De Brutas, Nada is turning out very nice and they have several clients interested in it.

She furthered believing that you are stronger with competition than without, and now they are developing several alliances they will soon announce. "The industry has led us to generate co-development, alliances. I think we can get further together more than alone," she clarified.

Watch interview of Ana Bond from SPT on #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra