Ana Bond, senior VP and general director of International Production at Sony Pictures Television

SPT: We are focused on generating a development arm to create diverse productions
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|30 de agosto de 2018

For Sony Pictures Television, Rosario Tijeras is already a successful franchise, so they will continue promoting local original content and encouraging the group as a content incubator, assured Ana Bond, who recently assumed the position of senior VP and general director of International Production.

“We are happy with the development we are doing, Rosario Tijeras has become a franchise and people know exactly what to expect. It is ultimately an ambassador brand of the type of content being made in countries like Mexico, Colombia, and the US, turning atypical women into iconic brands,” she explained.

She highlighted that her arrival at the group will allow her to continue with the development of productions in different genres and formats that work for the region: “We currently have the series El Rey del Valle on Claro Video y and the aim is to enter more into these spaces with diverse products, as well as experiment with short series. We are a content incubator and the idea is to generate a development arm to help us give continuity to what we have been doing.”