Stacie de Armas

Stacie de Armas of Nielsen: We Proudly Raise Our Voices in Support of the Power of the Latinx Community

Liz Unamo|18 de septiembre de 2019

Stacie de Armas, VP of Strategic Initiatives & Consumer Engagement at Nielsen, took part in the Sept. 9 Hispanic Leadership Summit: Dallas organized by the We Are All Human Foundation.

At the event she led the session on the importance of Hispanic civic engagement together with Jorge Baldor, Founder of Mercado 369, and Antonio Arellano, interim executive director of Jolt.

“We Are All Human is at the forefront of spreading the word about the collective power of the U.S. Hispanic community. The summit allowed brands, policy makers, community organizations, academics and more to publicly share their commitment and efforts on behalf of the Hispanic community” she said.

De Armas let it be known how proud the folks at Nielsen are to join their peers and the We Are All Human Foundation in sharing their vision for the continued advancement of the Latinx community.

The executive said the lessons learned at such meetings make them shared journeys: "Our U.S. Hispanic experience, regardless of our different countries of origin, has more similarities than it does differences. And while we are not a homogeneous group, we do have a shared experience in this American journey as a minority group and together, the Hispanic community can tap into and activate our collective power socially, economically and politically for the advancement of our community."