Andrés Valencia: Stargate Studios has partnered with Valencia Producciones FX to open Stargate Studios Colombia

Stargate Studios expands operations in LatAm
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|03 de diciembre de 2019

In the city of Bogotá, Colombia, Stargate Studios, a production company devoted to virtual production and visual effects, has partnered with Valencia Producciones FX, to open Stargate Studios Colombia and provide services to the television and film industries in Latin America.

After seven years of work and more than 60 projects carried out for networks and producers in Colombia, Mexico, and the United States, Andrés Valencia, director of Stargate Studios Colombia, said that they had fulfilled the dream of working alongside Sam Nicholson, the founder, and CEO of Stargate, thus joining the world stage.

With this partnership, ThruView, a real-time patented display system that eliminates the need for a green screen, or chroma, will be available in Latin America.

Stargate Studios has representation in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Malta, and Toronto, with an extensive network of supervisors, producers, and artists covering all areas of digital production and visual effects.