Chris Philip, Starlings Television: The strategy has been to deliver content rapidly and with flexibility with locations that adapt to our needs

Starlings TV: Huge demand for content
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|08 de septiembre de 2020

Starlings Television´s projects have not been stopped because of the pandemic, since they are being made in European countries that are operative in production, following safety protocols, explained Chris Philip, president of Starlings Television.

Philip mentioned that the series Pandora, whose second season was confirmed by the Anglo channel The CW in the US, and which is internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television, is being shot in Bulgary. Veil, another series they are developing, is being produced in Hungary.

“The strategy has been to deliver content rapidly and with flexibility, looking for locations that adapt to our production and service needs. You have to be extremely cautious when so much money has been invested. We are focused on delivering content to all the TV companies that need it. Currently, there are not many shows entering production,” commented Philip.

“There is a great demand for content due to COVID-19. Our strategy is to turn our slate in as many productions as possible. To look for five or six international partners that can join the projects in an early stage,” he furthered.

He emphasized that Starlings TV business model with Veil and Departure has been to invest in the shows and be able to retain the global distribution rights. For example, with Departure, they agreed the broadcast in the US with Peacock and Red Arrow will be in charge of the international distribution. Veil is a similar model and already has a broadcaster on board.

He mentioned that for the time being, they have two finished projects, the third one in production–that is Veil. With Ben Silverman from Propagate, they have 25 to be developed. He said that he would like to see more alliances with Latin America, a territory that is “very close to my heart”.