Shany Nadan

Stars Shany Nadan and Gerónimo Abreu share the great work that Bolívar represented
19 de septiembre de 2019

The Ecuatorian actress and star of Bolívar, Shany Nadan, who played the role of Manuelita Sáenz, with whom she feels very identified since she was a child, highlighted that her character had a special role in the series, in which they “gave back her prominence and I thank Juana Uribe for that. I enjoyed very much being in this production, because of its costumes, scenery, and because it does not simply entertain but also educates.”

Luis Gerónimo Abreu, who plays Simón Bolívar, said that after the launch on Netflix he has received positive comments about the series from all Latin America on social networks. “I received a message from Lola Flores from Spain, saying she loved the series. I am very happy.”

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