Superna Kalle, president of STARZ's International Networks: We selected these stories because they fit the brand

STARZPLAY: We presented five original stories in Spanish and more to be announced soon
Aiiana González, Mexico City|17 de noviembre de 2021

STARZPLAY introduced its content in Spanish for Latin America and Spain in an event that took place in Mexico City. These include five original series made in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Spain: Express, MalaYerba, Señorita 89, El Refugio and Toda la Sangre.

"We selected these stories because they fit the brand, by being provocative and interesting content,” said Superna Kalle, president of STARZ's International Networks, during the event attended by production companies, talent, and business partners.

Kalle said that before the year ends they will announce the production of two more series, and that during 2022 they will be producing between six and eight new original series in Spanish in Mexico and other Latin American countries. “We have this strategy so that our services and subscribers continue to grow, but also because we believe in authentic stories. Being a global service also means producing local content,” she explained.

The series, briefly screened, were Express (8x60 '), produced by Mediapro in Spain, which will premiere on January 16, 2022; MalaYerba (10x45 '), made in Colombia by Dynamo, Sony, and PantaYA, now available. Other three, that will premiere in the first half of 2022, are El Refugio and Señorita 89, made by PantaYA, Fremantle and Fábula, and Toda la Sangre, made by PantaYA, Spiral Internacional and Fremantle México.

Other content in Spanish as XRey and Nacho -announced previously- were made in Spain. Nacho Vidal, una Industria XXXL, which features the life of the porn actor, is produced by Bambú y la Claqueta PC; while XRey, produced by Sony and Weekend Studio, is about the life of King Juan Carlos I, based on a podcast and the investigation of Toni Garrido and Álvaro de Cózar. XRey is spoken in Spanish and English since King Juan Carlos talks to Queen Sofía in English.

"The series that we will produce in Mexico cannot be announced yet, beyond those that we just showed at the event," said Kalle, after commenting that they have the first agreement with Fábula and Fremantle. “We loved these production companies, because they are world-class, in terms of script. We want to continue working with them, although for now, we cannot say how many series we will be doing.”