Camila Jiménez Villa, co-president and Chief Content Officer of Fusion Media Group

Story House Entertainment: Our bet is on trying new storytelling structures
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de octubre de 2017

“We are complementary to what Univision, Televisa, and Patricio Wills do very well. The bet with Story House Entertainment is to test new storytelling structures and this model is amazing for us,” comments Camila Jiménez Villa, co-president and executive director of Content at Fusion Media Group.

She says that there will not only be different storytelling structures but also new production and programming ones, as well. “Our products are not programmed in strips from Monday to Friday, but in a vertical way, once a week. We have learned a lot in this sense because it is obviously a very different type of writing and creative process than when you are doing a 60-70 to 120 episodes, like fiction in Spanish is on television. We have been working with new talents that come from other media, many from cinema” she explains.

Jiménez informs that they are currently developing several projects that are similar to or an evolution of El Chapo.

“In certain cases, they are projects that -alike El Chapo- have a link with Univision Noticias. We take the best from journalism but making an extremely entertaining project, because, in the end, it is fiction. Gerardo Reyes’ team has been researching the world of drug trafficking for 20 years or more and I think we have learned and now have a formula that is very much our own regarding how to work the journalistic aspect in a writing room. We have a couple of projects that have been like that. Others are more fiction-like and we want to continue betting on this because it is part of our DNA,” she ended.