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Studies reveal that the term telenovela is no longer cool
25 de agosto de 2016

Among the information shared by the president of TV and Contents at Televisa, Pepe Bastón, with the specialized press in an intimate meal, he launched a perception stemming from studies by advisory services hired by the company: the term telenovela was not cool and was associated with the elderly. Bastón made sure to clarify that this did not come from him, and that while he was in the company in that position, they would continue to make classic melodramas that did very well in Mexico and around the world, and that also left a good margin. However, he indicated that classic telenovelas would now go on the afternoon bar, while primetime of the new platform, Las Estrellas, would be filled with all the innovative content they are currently generating, which is much closer to the series concept that is different in many aspects, including the stories, the length, staging, acting, dialogues -more contemporary-, camera framing, and lighting With these products they would also be aiming at the male and even millennial -those born between 1981 and 1994- audiences. They would also be trying out the new multiplatform distribution models, in which Blim, their OTT, up to now in a truly surprising growth path, has a prominent role for the bet they have made. "We want to be Netflix in Spanish” said Bastón, and there, the term telenovela would not be the most adequate, even if series are, deep down, novelas with less episodes.