Rosa Clemente, Venezuelan writer

Success lies in the diversity of the writers´ room
Aliana González, Mexico City|23 de julio de 2020

The Venezuelan writer and founder of Punta Fina, Rosa Clemente, states there are generational bridges to cross among the executives that make the decision of what goes to the screen, those who write the stories, and the audience.

“The way we cross those bridges at Punta Fina is by being closely in touch with young generations because we have a training plan. We work with kids since they are in school and that has enriched us with their experiences and interests. Additionally, in our writing rooms there is a great deal of diversity," she said.

She commented that they have a series for HBO made by very young writers trained at Punta Fina, who brought the original idea. “Working with people of all genders and all ages, allowing them to write and that your years of experience place that in a format that works, in a logical structure, is the most intelligent way to work," she said.

The conversation took place during the PRODU webinar held last Wednesday, July 15, Escribir Ficción en Tiempos de Pandemia (Writing Fiction in Times of Pandemic), in which the writers Carolina Rivera, Mexican, and the Argentine Silvina Frejdkes also took part.

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