Susie Kim Riley

Susie Kim Riley of Aquto: Brands Must Innovate, Their Advertising Must Distinguish Them

09 de septiembre de 2019

The senior VP for Monetization at Aquto, Susie Kim Riley, was one of the participants in the 2019 IAB Conecta, Mexico’s leading digital advertising and interactive marketing conference. Her company, recently acquired by Mavenir, is one of the pioneers in delivering mobile data to consumers as brand prizes, and she attended the event to launch the product on the Mexican market.

“Brands truly need to innovate and differentiate their advertising, because the advertising market is so massive now, and mobile advertising in particular is growing so fast that it’s bombarding everyone with ads. It is very important to build trust in consumers with advertising that stands out, as well as by offering rewards so they get involved with the brand," she said.

Riley added that this is a very important benefit, because in most Latin American markets, people have prepaid plans (80 percent) and are always running out of data. “What we have found is that if a brand is capable of giving users access to data, which is a very valuable asset, people trust and appreciate the brand more, because it gives them something real that they can use immediately and is very different from other types of rewards."

Regarding IAB Conecta, she noted that her engagement with the people who attended the event was excellent. "We connected with many decision-makers who would also be very good potential partners. People are here to genuinely get close" to one another.

She added that on the Mexican market, especially with regard to mobile advertising, many advertisers depend solely on Facebook and Google to air their campaigns. “There are, however, other ways to promote their brands and increase engagement, and I think that is an area of innovation where we would like to see more people participating - because you can get lazy if you just depend on Google and Facebook.”