Tanya De Poli, Founder & COO of Founders

Tanya De Poli of Founders speaks of the need to dig deeper to find real racial insights
Liz Unamo|29 de septiembre de 2021

New data from the 2020 U. S. Census confirms an already obvious panorama: the boom in Hispanic population growth. “What a pain it is to think we must still await the results of a census for brands to really focus on what they should have concentrated on years ago, which is the subject of diversity, immigration and so forth,” said Tanya De Poli, Founder & COO of Founders.

She advises brands to be honest in their approach to Hispanic consumers. “We have to address this target, but not with creativity adapted from global campaigns created for other targets and other cultures. I see a lot of ads that are nothing but translations, or else they use strategies like featuring a Reggaeton celebrity and that’s it. ‘Oh boy,’ they might as well say, ‘now I can consider myself Hispanic-market friendly!’ I think we have to dig deeper than that to find real racial insights. What are the problems that concern and move Hispanics in the USA today? What are their motivations? There’s no doubt in my mind that we must ditch all the old cliches.”

As to whether brands will undergo real changes based on results of the 2020 Census, De Poli said that changes will come because current events will force them to. “We’re bound to see a lot more investment by big brands eager to communicate with this target. We’ll also see more Hispanic celebrities featured in big worldwide campaigns and a wider racial diversity in the talent cast for the next commercials to be filmed.