Tanya De Poli, General Manager at Ogilvy Miami

Tanya De Poli of Ogilvy Miami: Ad Industry Bets On Cost-Effectiveness, Time-Efficiency
Mara Fernández / Liz Unamo|05 de noviembre de 2018

Brands see Ogilvy Miami as a strategic partner, said Tanya De Poli, General Manager at Ogilvy Miami: “We’re an extension of their team and that is the business model that has brought us success. We went from being a management consultant to a creative agency.

This year the agency won the Starbucks account for Latin America. “This is something huge that we never imagined could happen from this office. We have a really strong creative team and that is shown by our accomplishments," De Poli said.

She feels the industry is trending towards cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency, and gave the example of the KFC project, which took two days to shoot 140 pieces of unique content for social media: “At a cost-effective level, the results we achieved are enormous, and I think that is where our industry is headed, to be able to create 140 pieces of content in two days that will be aired over six months in 40 markets on social networks. I think we are definitely one step ahead, and that is what we are going to be selling very strongly next year to many of our clients."

There is reinvention on all digital platforms and in the way they are used, so there’s a lot to exploit and explore, even on TV. "I think that today we’re creating some projects that are totally different for traditional media, generating user engagement and much more user-generated content…so the next step is unknown," De Poli said.