Tanya De Poli
Tanya De Poli of Ogilvy Miami: Clients Make Budget and Creative Decisions Based on Data
Liz Unamo|21 de mayo de 2019

Many agencies attempt to expand their clients’ businesses by including Hispanics in their target groups, but not all take that step with any real knowledge of the market, according to Tanya De Poli, general manager of Ogilvy Miami.

“This is a great opportunity that must be addressed adequately. The purchasing power of Hispanic consumers in the U.S. has grown more than 30 percent over the last four years, but the investment of big brands in that market is not growing at the same pace," she said.

The advertising tactic at Ogilvy Miami is to formulate the most magnetic strategy for the largest number of people and interpret it with original creativity, never with a simple adaptation of a general-market campaign. "Our team is made up of a diverse group of U.S. Hispanics,” De Poli said. “We know the target audience because we are the target audience. I see many agencies trying to ‘sell to Hispanics’ but without taking the time to understand the tastes, wishes and cultural inclinations of this demographic.”

Data is the key word defining the industry this year. "Clients make budget decisions and creative decisions based on data," she added.

Tanya De Poli’s statement is part of PRODU´s annual report in the 2019 Cannes Lions Daily News, to be published during the event.

Ogilvy Miami competes in this year's festival with BallSponsorship for Assist Card.

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