Checha and Tanya 

Tanya De Poli and Checha Agost Carreño of Founders: Our disruptive action in Times Square is a call to marketers’ attention
Liz Unamo|14 de septiembre de 2022

Founders took two weeks to establish a powerful presence in Times Square for a single purpose: to win the attention of the CMOs of four different brands. To do so, the agency occupied a number of video screens, all within this emblematic area of New York City, the main one being on Nasdaq Tower, with others on Broadway and on 42nd Street.

PRODU spoke with the agency’s founders, Tanya De Poli and Checha Agost Carreño, about their marketing strategy. “We think that big ideas have to be seen. And where better than on the world’s most iconic advertising screens! We also have offices in New York – it’s a central axis for us. Yes, we wanted to be heard around the world, but a powerful action in that city was the way to do it,” De Poli said.

The strategy is based on sending messages to the four global CMO’s of Diesel, Volvo, Forbes and Heineken. The irreverent project is based on a proposal of disruptive, award-winning ideas. “Instead of sending them a classic message on LinkedIn alone to sell them our ideas, how about having them wake up with their names seen on screens all around Times Square?” Agost added.

Fort the first time the agency uses its foundation slogan – “an ideas company” – to take action in a specific way. “Founders is more than an advertising agency. We consider ourselves ‘an ideas company’ out to do everything from fulfilling a brief with an original idea to creating a new product. This is not just traditional advertising, for which reason we believe what we do goes well beyond that,” he said

For De Poli and Agost to carry out such a launch in Times Square crystallizes one of their dreams as an agency. “We thought it wasn’t possible, but then we started thinking, well, what if don’t just display our logo but we turn it into a campaign. And so it went, a disruptive idea to grab the industry’s attention. We feel so much emotion and pride for being able to see Founders presence in Times Square, together with that of so many brands we work for like Netflix, Snapchat and Paramount. Impossible to imagine that it would ever have been possible,” De Poli said.

They also let it be known that they have opened their sixth office, this one in Bogota, and that their growth is proportional to that of their talents and their clients.