Tatiana López

Tatiana Lopez of TikTok: The platform has a new band of narrators whose creativity plus authenticity is their secret of success
Liz Unamo|19 de noviembre de 2021

TikTok, with the naming of Tatiana Lopez as head of Global Business Solutions for the Spanish-speaking nations of South America, is expanding and seeks to consolidate its presence in the region.

PRODU spoke with the executive about how brands can get more for the money they invest in social media. To which she replied, “TikTok offers the chance for both brands and creatives to come together and come up with attractive new content proposals. What makes TikTok different from other platforms is the authenticity of the content that its community posts every day. Creatives who understand that and share a more creative content with their followers will be such an attraction that through them, brands can connect with the biggest audiences. Anyone can be a creative. TikTok has given rise to a new band of narrators who are doing really well thanks to their creativity, authenticity and outright charm. So that working with creatives on TikTok significantly boosts preference for the brands they represent.”

TikTok is a global platform with a highly diverse community of followers, made up of groups of all ages, regions and tastes. “This great diversity creates enormous communities that can be gold mines for brands - the challenge lies in helping creatives produce content that specifically appeals to the desired target groups. TikTok is a platform that helps brands and companies establish stronger connections with their target groups in order to make their businesses grow,” she said. “For my part, I’m excited about creating strategies to build our business by working hand in hand with brands and local partners to offer them unique marketing products and solutions to attract new audiences…meanwhile shunting aside traditional campaigns in favor of tiktoks, not ads, that will help them start chat groups full of creativity and positive messages.”

Lopez has 20 years’ experience in the industry in charge of developing and supervising global strategies. “For the last 11 years I’ve driven the growth of family business in Facebook apps and have been able to learn the behavior and trends of the different markets in the region. With this experience and working with an excellent team, we’ll be applying innovative business strategies and creating interesting commercial alliances to achieve TikTok’s business objectives.”

As for the differences among markets in the region, the executive noted that they are working to provide their community of followers with the best experiences enriched with new and novel characteristics. “Together with local and regional business partners (as in the case of IMS, our exclusive partner in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia) and thanks to their experience and reach in the region, we can guide brands through all the unique marketing solutions and tools that TikTok has to offer, both now and in the future, to help each of them fulfill their objectives in the most fruitful way possible.”

She recommended that brands do tiktoks rather than advertisements. “We’ve significantly increased the number of people who visit TikTok every month, and brands are coming to realize the exciting opportunities the platform has to offer. These brands are, of course, deciding to join in and learn to use the communications code of TikTok users, which is to say, they’re getting close to them in order to inspire their creativity, begin to understand the trends and make them part of the brand.”

She added that with TikTok for Business, “brands are reaching new audiences that they could never have done otherwise, while opening a window of opportunity through the creation of content that is creative, positive, cheerful and emotional.”