Emi Gal, CEO at Teads Studio

Teads Will Advocate For Clean Advertising In dmexco

07 de septiembre de 2017

Teads will be present at dmexco, a global business platform of innovation for the digital economy focused on marketing, media, advertising, technology and the Internet of things.

During the event, held on September 13th and 14th in Germany, Teads will take a stand for an environment of #CleanAdvertising for advertisers. “We are inviting key players in the advertising industry to join us in our quest to create a #CleanAdvertising environment. It is crucial to encourage the industry to take a stand for transparency, integrity, and innovation” said Emi Gal, CEO at Teads Studio.

They recommended the following key steps to face viewability, ad fraud, and brand safety problems: Focus on user experience, insist on transparency and verification, engage the user through interactivity, create personalized ad experiences using data, extend audience reach across all platforms, and avoid pre-rolls, interstitials, and pop-ups.

Michael Möller, Sales Director at Teads Germany, will participate in a panel discussion on digital video and TV advertising, while Jens Pöppelmann, Director of Media Operation at IP; Olivier Rosenthal, Industry Leader and Create Agency at Google; Martin Michel, CEO at Sky Media; and Klaus Peter Scharpl, CEO at Mindshare will explain their views on the current state of convergence and how it will affect the industry overall.