La Ruta Blanca shows the route of cocaine trafficking

Tele N premieres the narconovela La Ruta Blanca on Wednesday 8th

03 de junio de 2016

Olympusat, Inc. will premiere the drama and action narconovela {La Ruta Blanca;} on Wednesday 8th at 9pm on Tele N. There are four stories, each one showing a phase of the route of cocaine trafficking, from its creation to commercialization. This production reveals the true realities faced by those who, due to unusual life circumstances, get trapped in the world of drug trafficking and addiction, taking a rough road to a dead end. The story is showed through the lives of four characters: a peasant woman, a congressman, a drug lord and a cocaine user. There are 84 episodes filmed in some of the most amazing locations in Miami, Mexico City, Bogotá and the Colombian rain forests. Human suffering and moral blankness are wrapped in a very human story. La Ruta Blanca fits within Tele N’s programming goals and vision for airing only the finest narconovelas, a popular sub genre amongst telenovela enthusiasts and viewers. This TV series is a production of Colombia’s Caracol Televisión and Cadenatres from México, under the direction of Daniel Aguirre. The cast includes Carla Giraldo, Juan Pablo Gamboa, Carlos Athié, Dagoberto Gama, Zharick León and Carolina Guerra.