Guillermo del Bosque, general director and producer of Telehit

Telehit: In 2016 we will close the Logout cycle with a second season
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|18 de septiembre de 2015

Telehit, Televisa Networks’ music signal, will produce the second season of Logout, closing the successful cycle of this multiplatform production that will start being aired in 2016. In an interview with PRODU, Telehit’s general director and producer, Guillermo del Bosque, announced that the second season of Logout marks the end of this project that became a detonator regarding the mechanism to produce multiscreen content, which today is starting to be used for other Televisa productions, also for open broadcast TV. "We did very well with the first season of Logout, it was a detonator for other projects and brands to get to know and use second screen and applications. The intention is to begin shooting at the end of September and debut in April or May 2016. It will have between 14 and 16 episodes and with this, the cycle will be closed”, he stated. He added that in the second delivery they are seeking to perfect the app to offer “greater interaction tools with the users. We are looking for the best way to improve the system so that it grows at a user level and for it to have permanence”. Finally, he mentioned that at the end of October, they will start shooting a series titled Los Guapos del Barrio, which will have 18 episodes, starring Adrián Uribe and Ariel Miramontes playing the roles of El Vítor and Albertano. The actress Carmen Salinas will also take part. It will be ready for broadcast as of February or March 2016.