Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios
Telemundo: El Recluso is a series with Netflix or Amazon production values
Aliana González, Mexico City|25 de septiembre de 2018

After three months of pre-production, thirteen weeks of shooting and a long post-production process, Telemundo International Studios launches Tuesday on Telemundo El Recluso (13x60’), a version of El Marginal, daily at 10pm, in substitution of El Señor de los Cielos 6.

Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios, stated that they managed to gather the best talents, both behind and in front of the cameras. The executive producers include Sebastián Ortega, Inna Payán and Ana Paula Valdovinos.

“Direction of photography is under the responsibility of Jaime Reynoso (Aquí en la Tierra, Bloodline, Shooter, among others), and production design is from the Oscar winner, Brigitte Broch (Moulin Rouge, Babel, Amores Perros, 21 Gramos), together with a great cast,” said Santana, to express how “interesting it is that El Recluso was born and emerges from a TV channel, Telemundo. It seems natural that content like this is born in Netflix, in Amazon, in Hulu, but for it to be born in a TV station only happens in a company like Telemundo”.

Making great quality short series, with an important investment, is Telemundo International Studios’ answer to audience demands for having such good content, said Santana, after pointing out that they will work wherever the story requires it, whether in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, or Italy. “The story is the boss, and that is something we are going to respect. In fact, we are finishing the shooting of the second series, shot in the Colombian coffee-growing sector,” without giving more details.