Luis Silberwasser, president of Telemundo

Telemundo: Exatlón EE UU is one of the best examples of how we innovate on the screen

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|31 de julio de 2018

Although Exatlón EE UU has only been aired on Telemundo for two weeks, Luis Silberwasser, president of the network, feels optimistic regarding the path it is on.

“We are happy to have brought Exatlón EE UU to the screen. The team has the conviction that Telemundo must be innovative, always betting on new ideas and never satisfied with what we have. Exatlónis one of the best examples of Telemundo in this sense. We are revolutionizing the audiences’ habits and surprising them with a more familiar product,” he expressed.

He mentioned it is an ambitious project. “This format has the ability to maintain the audience glued for two continuous hours every day. We knew that coming from the World Cup, we had an audience used to sports and this format has a lot of that. Responsiveness has been very good.”

He commented that with Exatlón, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso, and El Señor de Los Cielos, Telemundo has a luxury screen. He highlighted thatExatlónhas increased their previous numbers in the 7 and 8pm schedules.

Regarding Luis Miguel and Falco, who comprise the block of premium series, he expressed being happy with their start.

He also talked about La Voz, from Talpa and NBC that will have its debut in 2019 and will be the first reality to be produced at Telemundo Center. It is coordinated by Cisco Suárez. He said that “it is the best singing reality format in all TV”.

“With La Voz, the second edition of Exatlón and the second season of MasterChef Latino we will have three very strong realities in 2019” he added.

To end, he highlighted the effort made in the coverage of the 2018 Russia WorldCup, the effort, the quality of the sports commentators. “The World Cup gave us the opportunity to talk to a different audience. I think we did two very good things with the World Cup: 1. The event itself had to be well done from Russia, we made an amazing team, Telemundo took it very seriously, and 2. The other lesson is that all the Telemundo divisions grouped together for the World Cup.”