José Flores of Telemundo 40 and Manuel Martínez of Telemundo Station Group with the Telemundo 40 team during the inauguration

Telemundo 40 Rio Grande Valley unveils new state-of-the-art broadcast center
29 de julio de 2016

Telemundo 40/KTLM unveiled the station’s new state-of-the-art broadcast center, Telemundo 40 Studios. The new 23,000 square-foot-news center features the latest broadcast technologies and makes Telemundo 40 Studios one of the most advanced broadcast centers in the Rio Grande Valley. KTLM’s new news center is one of five new broadcast facilities NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, a division of NBCUniversal, has unveiled since 2013 thanks to a significant investment made by NBCUniversal in all of its local television stations. "Telemundo 40’s first broadcast occurred 17 years ago this month and I’m proud that in less than two decades, our news team now has access to the most cutting-edge broadcast technology and tools that will help them deliver the best-in-class news that our communities deserve,” said José Flores, president and general manager, Telemundo 40. "NBCUniversal’s investment in its Telemundo stations has helped to reshape the way Spanish-language viewers receive their news. Thanks to NBCUniversal’s investment our stations have been completely transformed. In the past couple of years, we have unveiled beautiful new facilities across several markets and provided our journalists’ with the tools they need to better deliver the news their communities deserve. Telemundo 40 Studios stands as a true testament of NBCUniversal’s belief in local broadcasting and commitment to Spanish-language viewers,” said Manuel Martínez, president of Telemundo Station Group. Telemundo 40 Studios is a 23,000 square feet facility that houses Telemundo 40’s local news team. Other features include: • Four satellite antennas that can tune-in to any satellite that carries news content in the Rio Grande Valley, as well as in Mexico and Latin America; • A Media Operation Center that is capable of receiving and recording multiple feeds at once • Eighty two television monitors that are located all across the newsroom floor; • A state-of-the-art production control room with the latest Automated Production Control technologies; • Wall-to-wall wireless internet connectivity that allows employees to work from anywhere inside Telemundo 40 Studios; and • Generators that are capable of keeping the station up and running, and on-air for 24 hours in the event of total power loss.