Rubén Keoseyán, Content VP at Telemundo 52 KVEA in Los Angeles

Telemundo 52 KVEA from Los Angeles: People have an appetite for watching new on television
01 de agosto de 2017

The station Telemundo 52 KVEA in Los Angeles is the #1 winner in ratings in July, in the 5, 5:30, 6 and 11pm schedules. This is thanks to their newscasts.

Rubén Keoseyán, Content VP at Telemundo 52 KVEA in Los Angeles, explained that this is a historic fact and is due to the leadership of Celia Chávez, president and general manager, who has had a great vision, as well as to technology they have invested in, supported by their sister station KNBC Channel 4.

According to Keoseyán, executive editor of the newspaper La Opinión in Los Angeles, the second oldest in the US, what people are seeking is worthy content.

"They will go to the place where they find the best news, the best service”. To improve their journalistic coverage, they have expanded their news schedules both in the morning and in the afternoon”.

"People have an appetite for watching news on television. We are making what people want to consume". He assures that is why they have achieved those ratings.

"Here, we believe in editorial convergence. We create content that has to come out immediately in any platform”. First, they send it to people´s cell phones through alerts and then broaden it with more details in the newscast.

According to the executive, the essential thing "is to understand how people consume information".