Miguel Varoni, the VP and Creative Director of Telemundo Global Studios and Betty in NY's executive producer

Telemundo Global Studios: Betty in NY is shot with a cinematic eye

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|15 de marzo de 2019

The production of Telemundo´s Betty in NY is in the final stage and, according to its executive producer, Miguel Varoni, it has a “cinematic eye”.

Varoni, the VP and Creative Director of Telemundo Global Studios, comments that he feels happy with the task entrusted by his boss, Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios, “because it is a project that I love very much from the beginning with Betty la Fea: first, because I am Colombian and second, due to my great friendship with Fernando Gaitán, who left us a month ago, and couldn´t see this new version we are making with great respect and pride for his masterpiece."

Varoni praised the cast, the directors, the design of the sets and the writers of the adaptation. “The result has been fantastic. We brought very important directors like Gustavo Loza, who kicked off the story. He accompanied us for two months and it was marvelous. He was replaced by Fez Noriega that is from Gustavo´s team; Ricardo Schwarz, also Luis Manzo. We have a very serious creative team. We are happy that this is our first novela made here in Telemundo Center”.

For his part, Erik Elías, the male protagonist of Betty in NY, highlighted the challenge it is to participate in the comedy genre. “For me, it was a challenge, it isn´t a genre in which I am in my comfort zone and it was something I wanted to do. We are creating something entirely different with a very pretty message about empowerment women should have."