Telemundo´s Luis Silberwasser and NBCUniversal´s César Conde with the cast of Guerra de Ídolos

Telemundo held a screening of Guerra de Ídolos in The Temple House at Miami Beach

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|21 de abril de 2017

With a red carpet event and the presence of Telemundo´s top brass, a screening of Guerra de Ídolos (75x60’), the first dramatic musical series in US Hispanic TV, was held in The Temple House at Miami Beach on Thursday evening.

“It has been a very big project that has taken us two years to make. Guerra de Ídolos, a production based on an original story by Mariano Calasso, is an intersection of music and drama, an entirely new idea for us that we hope the audience enjoys watching as much as we enjoyed making. I want to thank the entire Telemundo team that helped make it possible to air, including Telemundo Studios, now led by Ricardo Coeto, working hand-in-hand with Claudia Foghini, Carmen Urbaneja, Martha Godoy and Perla Farías,” highlighted Luis Silberwasser, President of Telemundo. He also thanked the Programming team, led by Jesús Torres Vieira.

Martha Godoy, executive producer who has worked closely with Estudios TeleMéxico from FOXTelecolombia, producer of the series for Telemundo, commented that Silberwasser and Torres have been the true godfathers of the project, “they have been the soul and the engine for all of us to be here, united”. She stated that it was a huge effort to gather the actors and musicians, “to find a musician who would enable us to interpret the music from the west coast and the east coast, and have the audience relate with that”. This musician was Andrés Saavedra, who, together with his partners Edgar and Joel, were the composers of the music for the series.

“I am very proud to work at Telemundo because it allows us to develop new projects, to have new adventures, to invent. I think this is going to be a great hit and that is what Telemundo offers us, the opportunity to go further,” added Godoy.

Mariano Calasso commented that Guerra de Ídolos tells the story of those who wish to be singers, onstage and backstage.