Nearly 45 people, as well as the Scenery Department of Telemundo worked on the production of the screening

Telemundo Internacional: Our screening in Natpe 2016 offered clients a unique experience
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|15 de marzo de 2016

Telemundo Internacional carried out an operation that was pioneer in technology, graphs and scenery for the presentation of its {screening;} in Natpe 2016. They started working on the screening concept five or six months in advance. Directed by Marcos Santana, President of Telemundo International and supervised by Olimpia Del Boccio, VP Marketing Department, Promotions and Press, who, together with Events TM and several Telemundo teams, worked very hard to deliver a unique experience for clients. “The telenovela ¿Quién es Quién?, starring Eugenio Siller, gave us the perfect opportunity to maximize the big screen ability we had in our screening. The screen, comprised by 3mm LEDs allowed us to exhibit our content with the highest quality and definition. The characters Perico and Leonardo were shot separately with a Sony F5 camera, capable of shooting at a scale. The piece we saw on the screen, that Siller interacted with live, was shot by Juan Pablo Puentes from Bridges Productions and directed by Fernando Duprat from Nexus Producciones”, Del Boccio explained to PRODU. He mentioned that the 2D animation used for the opening, narrated by the Venezuelan Eli Bravo “revealed how the boldness of great innovators changed the way we communicate and live our everyday lives”. At the closing, a collage of Telemundo´s innovative productions was presented. “The concept was under the responsibility of our created team, that worked with Totuma de Miami to produce the animation”. Santana officially welcomed the guests with a relevant message: “the audience changed and demands quality content”. To support his message, conceptual images produced by Ramón León, director de Arte, were projected, without distracting the audience from the message Santana was delivering. “Nine demos were produced, each one highlighting the main story and the tone of each production. Boris Urrutia, senior creative video editor at Telemundo Internacional was in charge of the edition of all the videos presented, supervising every detail, from the graphic aspects to the musicalization, all in the aim that the audience had a clear image of the content”, specified Del Boccio.