Gretchen Rossi is Debralee Anderson, José Guillermo Cortines is Ryan Belt, Sofía Lama is Stefanie Montero and Melvin Cabrera is David Morales

Telemundo Media premieres first-ever bilingual branded entertainment series Mia Mundo
03 de mayo de 2012

Telemundo Media, Chevrolet and Verizon Wireless announced Mia Mundo, the first-ever bilingual branded-entertainment crossover series, which will launch on Thursday, May 3, 2012 and will air on {} and on mun2. Offering a complete 360° experience, the multiplatform series presents original dramatic webisodes that will organically integrate Chevrolet and Verizon Wireless products. Bravo Media stars Jenni Pulos from Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis and Gretchen Rossi from The Real Housewives of Orange County will guest star. Pulos plays the recurring role of Amy in the series, and Rossi makes her acting debut in her guest-starring role as Debralee. Mia Mundo stars Jacqueline Márquez in the role of Mia and novela actors José Guillermo Cortines, Sofía Lama Stamatiades, Melvin Cabrera, Monze Martínez and Martha Velasco. Mia Mundo features short-form branded entertainment series centered on a modern young Latina named Mia Ramírez and her quest to find balance in life and love. The 13 three-minute weekly webisodes follow the ups and downs of Mia’s life, from her fast-paced workplace to her relationship with her longtime boyfriend Ryan. The series also marks the first time in NBCUniversal history that an original Telemundo production will feature English-language crossover stars, in a web series that is primarily in English with some Spanish. One-minute trailers for the series will appear on-air. “Mia Mundo is a truly groundbreaking series because we are leveraging the NBCUniversal portfolio to further engage viewers and Hispanics across the full-spectrum,” said Jacqueline Hernández, COO, Telemundo Media.