Celia (80x60’)

Telemundo presents the series Celia produced by FOXTelecolombia
16 de julio de 2015

Telemundo presents {Celia;www.produ.com/television/videos/index.html?Noti=9477} (80x60’), a drama series inspired by the life of Úrsula Hilaria Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso, better known as Celia Cruz, one of the most iconic musical figures of our times. Scheduled to premiere this fall in the U.S., Celia narrates the life and musical legacy of a woman who launched her career in the middle of the Cuban revolution, in an era when female singers didn’t have a place on a stage. The cast of Celia features actors Jeimy Osorio and Modesto Lacén who give life to Celia Cruz and Pedro Knight during their younger years. The series continues with the introduction of Aymeé Nuviola and Willy Denton playing the couple in their later years. Celia is a FOXTelecolombia production that Telemundo brings to its screen delivering a new and innovative style of programming to its viewers. The drama series is directed by Víctor Mallarino alongside Liliana Bocanegra, with Nelson Martinez as executive producer. The script is based on a screenplay by Andrés Salgado and Paul Rodríguez.