José Cancela, president and general manager of Telemundo Puerto Rico

Telemundo Puerto Rico: Live programming on open TV is the best strategy to face streaming
02 de abril de 2019

José Cancela, president and general manager of Telemundo Puerto Rico, expressed from the channel´s facilities, in the context of the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the creation of the signal, that after all this time, open television continued to be more important than pay TV in the country.
“51% of the homes in Puerto Rico watch open TV. This is a great challenge for us because both pay TV and streaming services have a very aggressive strategy in the region, the same as the rest of the world. We are very pleased to continue fulfilling the vision that Ángel Ramos had 65 years ago,” said Cancela.

The executive commented that the streaming services with all the 360 vision of the market, are doing things very well, but are betting on live television, the same way Azteca does in Mexico. “The model of Azteca is an example we should follow and all open television stations in the world. Most of the grid must be live or realities so that it is relevant for TV viewers."

Cancela also mentioned that the advertising pie has decreased a bit due to the economic situation and because of the natural disasters, but it still continues to be very important and interesting, and the signal competes ferociously for the biggest part.